Collaboration is needed. This blog is expertise place in its assumption. That’s why I would like to, and do my best to fill this criteria up. I wish to present here complete knowledge that is necessary to begin and run successfuly international business development. I would like to invite you to colaboration. If you are independent expert or consultant/ are you running the company or working at company. If your profile is one of the listed below and you wish to build your image as an expert by value content placing:

  • marketing and advertising (including marketing research),
  • insurances,
  • finance, funding of investment, company activities, expansion abroad,
  • legal,
  • ue funding or other,
  • business intelligence,
  • transport,
  • you are living in other country than Poland and you can provide me and my visitors with market information,
  • other that may be helpful for expansion abroad.

Then it will be my pleasure if you contact me and show it on my blog.

The content that you would like to palce on my blog need to be based on international business development and internaional trade. For instance when we are talking about marketing I wish to supply the information about marketing trends and rules globally (e.g. in Norway). Similar situation when we are talking about legal etc.

If there is something that you haven’t found here or you have some other idea let me know. I like new ideas and new view.

I will be waiting! 馃檪